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Washington Square Review: Five Questions With Bianca Stone

"5. Why does the line break?
      ...because meaning is broken. And poetry touches the space where something is not—"
Poets Speak: Bianca Stone by Brattleboro Community Television: Bianca Stone with Chard DiNiord

American Microreviews & Interviews

"...communication between worlds is very important. We need to be digging ditches with old Vermonters and sitting around the campfire with astrophysicists. We need to look at the natural work around us and see the bigger picture. The RSF won't settle for any less."

Brooklyn Rail: "Those Raw Imperfect Impulses," Bianca Stone with Matt Bell

"I never want my readers to feel left out of the poem. I like to be raw and wild, and then rein in with clear, direct moments. Those are the moments in other people’s poems that I savor, that I remember. And what I find is that those are the moments that are most plain."

California Journal of Poetics: an Interview with Bianca Stone 

Poetry Foundation: Drawing Verse

The Comics Journal: An Interview with Bianca Stone

Indiana Review: "What is Comics Poetry?" by Alexander Rothman


--> "In our workshop we’ll be exploring what words and images can do together; if you write or draw, if you p...