Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday List


My press, Monk Books, is just killing it lately (big big thanx to my boo/editor, Ben Pease)... see an interview on Entropy Magazine here! We have a brand new (debut) full-length collection of poetry by rockstar, Christine Kanownik, KING OF PAIN and the inaugural issue Ruth Stone Reader is coming out soon (available for AWP in a week??!!! TABLE 1741), featuring:

2. THESE POEMS BY Ana Božičević in BathHouse Journal.
"My brain is falling apart
So I’m allowed to talk."


4. These COLOR EMBEDDED GOLDEN SCEPTRE for a mere $62 are flooring me. Paige Taggart, as I've mentioned before, is an incredible poet and jeweler. There's nothing better than that, right? Be one of the crew and get your MacTaggart today. Period.


"The gradual disappearance of my face / is a kind of death."

So Samantha is totally going there: those places that thrive in the shadows. The real shit. Shit that we many of us experience but have no outlet to discuss. And here she is, doing it in her beautiful, lyrical way that has made me so excited about her poems.

Also, what strikes me about these is the SONNET form. Traditionally a love-poem form, there's a very different sort of lover being addressed in these sonnets, the more important lover, (but here, the most destructive lover): the body.

While her poems are not consumed with complaining, they point out the physical reality of being overweight, of being an outsider in your own body, and the mental space taken up by this dichotomy is, if you've experienced it, devastating and complex, darkly hailing a bittersweet feeling for the body.

How to write a love poem of something so complicated? So personal, and yet totally societal?) I've been very deeply interested in the idea of binging--drinking and eating--and I've found there's a huge amount of love for food/drink within myself, but also so much anger and hatred. Drinking/eating have been my lover who will never say No. Who will always be there. But at what cost? I think the sonnet form is perfect for this subject. The speaker in the poems explores tropes of dieting, and the reality of personal body image. The poems have so much wisdom in them.

Here's two places to read these poems:

The Fanzine 

Smoking Glue Gun

The title "Imagine How Perfect You’ll Be When It’s Over" is so devastatingly astute and honest, especially with that "Exit Strategies" following it.... 

Thank gawwwdddd for Samantha and her amazing poems. Follow her work closely, this woman's amazing. 

6. Oh yeah, Ben and I bought a caravan to live in, in Vermont....

I've already scoured Pinterest for rv ideas... and still I'm convinced I can outdo these peeps.  I'm going to PIMP THIS RIDE so hard. Stay tuned for that... I'll be living in this in the mountains of VT with my geriatric cat and a while lot of weed, working on my next book of poetry.

7. MY POEM: ONES WHO GOT AWAY WITH IT on Pinwheel. And THIS INTERVIEW  (super short) on Washington Square.

8. Lastly, this article about letting the bush go wild up to the belly button. Let's hope it sticks. HAPPY TRAIL 4EVA!


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