Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I've been reading a lot of Hours books, which are medieval poetry comics for rich people. Also, similarly seen as a sort of "lower-art," on the artists' part--compared to painting chapel walls, just as comics was seen for so long, on closer inspection, any idiot can see that this is complex, gorgeous and brilliant works of art. I love how in the Hours books the person for whom the book was being made, was often painted into the religious images. I feel a great kinship to these impulses.

The richer the blues, the more expensive it was. 
How amazing to hand-paint an entire book for someone! And so tiny! I think I will make a series of hand-painted books. This reminds me of the awesome book "The Desert" that Jen Bervin made. It's like a modern-day erasure Book of Hours. 

There's along tradition of illuminated manuscripts. The REN FARE dweeb in me is focusing on the medieval ones. 

Why? Secret new book of poetry comics coming your way very soon. 
I wish that it was as good at a Book of Hours, but it will be my sloppy version 
of making each hour of the day a holy one. One filled with houses and teetering wine bottles.

MORE SOON.......

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