Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I'm  in Vermont and I'm making shit. I mowed the whole lawn, and mom weeded, and we made a movie. It's called Beautiful Face. I'm going to bring this mannequin back to Brooklyn with me. I got her as a gift for my 12th birthday. I was really excited. I wanted a mannequin more than anything. I named her Vera. Now she's lost all her fingers, and one of her arms went to another mannequin we bought later from a department store going out of business, and so one arm is more tan than the rest of her, and also I can't find the stand she goes on, so I can't stand her up. She was outback in the shed with a bunch of broken chairs and spider webs, and today I'm going to put plastic on that big window that's broken in the shed so that animals can't waltz in and out so easily. I like the sound of the scrubbing. I like her classic beautiful face up against my weird looking face. When I was looking for a soundtrack I found all these voice memos from 2013 I'd made and were on my itunes. I didn't even really remember them, which is the whole point of a voice memo, because I wouldn't have remembered that thought I had, had I not recorded it out loud. Doing that is more raw and than writing it down. So there are those ideas from last year floating into this year, and floating into the back yard of my mother's house in Middlebury Vermont. Have you been to Middlebury, VT? I kind of hate this town, but I love vermont. I'm putting little things on ebay too. Do you want a tiny pair of doll shoes from Vermont? Do you want a lampshade that my mom made? Go to my ebay page and you can buy lots of things I have. My name on ebay (and youtube) is damnfineread. Which is awkward, but should mean, after reading a book of poems, "wow, that's a damn fine read."  Mom is in the movie too. 

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