Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Films

I had an epiphany about my book launch--which, actually I wavered back and forth about being actually a book party--thus totally fucked up on making it public until the last minute---but regardless, my epiphany was about making a film that riffed off the silent film era, when gestures, and words made the story come together. I thought it was also save me from the fact that I don't have a professional camera.

So my book Someone Else's Wedding Vows, which has been out a month, and that I hope you'd purchased, is featured here in this film I made with some amazing poet women, and my mom, who is an amazing writer and actress herself.

Monica McClure
Simone Kearney
Ana Božičević
Abigail Stone
Elizabeth Clark Wessel

Coincidentally, I have an older poem video up on the Tin House Reels again, and thanks so much to them for that!!!!

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