Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Store Gets Renovated And I've Been Up All Night Scrubbing the HTML Floors

Well, I've always wanted a little boutique shop that sells art, books, antiques, and has a sherry and port bar, where you sit and listen to old-timey favorites and sip out of tiny delicate glasses....but I had to settle for an online version of that. And as close as I can get with my blogging skills. (WHICH, to be fair, do pretty well given the limitations).

Mom's visiting and we were up late talking. I'm thinking a lot of wedding stuff----Ben and I are getting married in August, which I think is like, three months away....and my book is called Someone Else's Wedding Vows. I mean, it's weird.

In any case, to hammer it in a bit more, I thought I'd post some wedding-themed paintings I've been working on, that are also for SALE in the newly renovated BIANCA STONE SHOPPE. While at this point you can't get drinks at my shoppe, you can buy paintings--framed and not framed, high and low priced, and every day I'll add new things. There will also be Domestic-Renewal Project, where I make household items more interesting. Like, for example, that very mini chest of drawers.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Films

I had an epiphany about my book launch--which, actually I wavered back and forth about being actually a book party--thus totally fucked up on making it public until the last minute---but regardless, my epiphany was about making a film that riffed off the silent film era, when gestures, and words made the story come together. I thought it was also save me from the fact that I don't have a professional camera.

So my book Someone Else's Wedding Vows, which has been out a month, and that I hope you'd purchased, is featured here in this film I made with some amazing poet women, and my mom, who is an amazing writer and actress herself.

Monica McClure
Simone Kearney
Ana Božičević
Abigail Stone
Elizabeth Clark Wessel

Coincidentally, I have an older poem video up on the Tin House Reels again, and thanks so much to them for that!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ink Brick Is Here!

Paul Tunis, Gary Sullivan, Alexander Rothman and I have been dreaming of putting together a poetry comics journal, spurned from our little collective, and now I'm thrilled to announce it's a real thing.

The first issue of INK BRICK will feature original work from John Hankiewicz, Simone Kearney, Simon Moreton, and L. Nichols, as well as the four cofounders.

We're debuting it at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival on May 10. Pre-orders start today at MoCCA Arts Fest, and we're knocking a dollar off the normal price to celebrate.

If you're interested in comics or poetry or both, please check us out. We are very excited and we're just getting started.


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