Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Take an Online Class in Poetry Comics

Want to take an online class at the Writer's Center that explores the complex relationship between poetry and the visual image? We'll have a chance to write our own work, collaborate, and of course, look at lots of examples. Sign up now!!

Days: 8 Mondays
Dates: 1/6/2014 - 2/24/2014
Location: Online
Level: All Levels
Genre(s): Poetry

Workshop Leader: Bianca Stone

In this class we will explore poetry through the lens of other mediums. Based around the idea of the poem lending itself to the comic book form, the class will look at poets and artists who have crossed genres using poetry and the visual image. We will create our own work based on those weekly findings. This will generate new poetry, as well as expand our understanding of inspiration, revision, and presentation. Students will comment on one another’s work, as well as collaborate one on one.

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