Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Take an Online Class in Poetry Comics

Want to take an online class at the Writer's Center that explores the complex relationship between poetry and the visual image? We'll have a chance to write our own work, collaborate, and of course, look at lots of examples. Sign up now!!

Days: 8 Mondays
Dates: 1/6/2014 - 2/24/2014
Location: Online
Level: All Levels
Genre(s): Poetry

Workshop Leader: Bianca Stone

In this class we will explore poetry through the lens of other mediums. Based around the idea of the poem lending itself to the comic book form, the class will look at poets and artists who have crossed genres using poetry and the visual image. We will create our own work based on those weekly findings. This will generate new poetry, as well as expand our understanding of inspiration, revision, and presentation. Students will comment on one another’s work, as well as collaborate one on one.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Art Exhibition

I'm so thrilled to have my very first show up at the poetry book store, BERL'S. All the artwork is for sale, and includes pieces from Antigonick, poetry comics, and book covers. All the work is in antique frames donated by my mother. If you're in New York City, be sure to stop by the store in DUMBO. Directions and hours can be found on the website HERE.

  • 126A Front Street (next to Superfine) in D.U.M.B.O, Brooklyn
  •  Open Wednesday to Sunday, 1 or 2-6 pm and sometimes on Tuesdays
  • Take the F to York Street or the A/C to High Street


When I was about to start kindergarten we moved into our first house. My mom was raising three children alone: me, my twin brother, and my older sister. The very last house on a dead end road in Middlebury, VT, mom ripped up the linoleum and scrapped and painted and piled up wood for the stoves; the house is never finished, always changing.

As children one of the first things we draw is our home. That impulse has never left me. In a sense, mom and I are recluses, layering our walls and filling out shelves as if they were translations of our creative minds. Drawings what is around me permits me the joy of feeling I have a place in the world. But also explores the isolation that comes with possessions.

Mom has always collected antiques, filling the house with Victorian lamps, dolls, pictures, furniture from auctions—and I’ve carried that tradition over into my own life.

All of the frames in this show were donated by my mother, Abigail Stone, from her private collection. The side of the dollhouse was a piece of a broken, and still held-on-to (we never throw things away in my family…) dollhouse my mother played with as a child. In the tradition of my family, I am exploring the flawed domestic landscape, celebrating its strangeness, and its beauty.

I have also included pieces of mine from Anne Carson’s Antigonick. recalling Antigone’s unbending defense of her family, and the chilly landscapes Anne, Robert Currie, and I explored in creating the book.

BIANCA STONE, November 16, 2013

Thoughts on A Little Called Pauline

I wanted to take a little extra time to talk about A Little Called Pauline, since its pub date was literally the week of lockdown. It would ...