Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today, on June 8th, Ruth Stone's 98th birthday, our inaugural fundraising campaign for the The Ruth Stone Foundation comes to a fitting close. While it says on the RocketHub page that we're just shy of our goal, in fact we exceeded it! Counting the generous checks that were sent in that went straight into our fiscal sponsorship account at Fractured Atlas, we've raised a $15,287.45!!!

I can't thank all my amazing friends and family for all their support in this--And especially co-foundation members Ben Pease and Chard DeNiord. It's an honor to grandma, and an honor to our family, and a testament to the incredible poetry community.

I'm kind of blown away. Thank you thank you thank you so much for your support--all of you who are too numerous to name here, you know who you are. ♥ ♥ ♥

Remember also, that if you didn't get a chance to give, you can donate at any time on our Fractured Atlas page: HERE.

In the Next Galaxy

Things will be different.
No one will lose their sight,
their hearing, their gallbladder.
It will be all Catskills with brand
new wrap-around verandas.
The idea of Hitler will not
have vibrated yet.
While back here,
they are still cleaning out
pockets of wrinkled
Nazis hiding in Argentina.
But in the next galaxy,
certain planets will have true
blue skies and drinking water.

--Ruth Stone

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