Monday, January 28, 2013

List of Awesome

1. I've fumbled prosaically through a song-of-the-week on Coldfront, featuring Anais Mitchell! I'm wild about her stuff.

See my words HERE.

2. How about this AMAZING needlepoint someone did?!

3. Did you notice that is the new domain name? I'm so proud that I finally pulled that together after giving up on trying (and totally failing) to maintain the old site. I like the blogspot so much better because I suck at HTML. Don't you think I've pruned and culled and maintained this fairly well? O, and next month I have some exciting things I'm adding to the store: Merchandise! In tasteful little gift packages. And each one will be unique.

4. My Christmas present from my loving boss got lost in the mail, and has finally arrived. Just in time to butcher my post-holiday dieting....but how awesome is it? And how well does she know me?! <3 a="" and="" are="" book="" books="" house="" href="" my="" octopus="" of="" publishing="" target="_blank" tin="">poetry
...and this is a Tin.

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