Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ana Božičević's RISE IN THE FALL is Here

I'm so thrilled to have illustrated Ana Božičević's new book of poetry from  Birds LLC, RISE IN THE FALL. Getting to know her poems was like getting to know a new city where, the more I hang out in its bars, and scour its museums, the more I want to move to it. The "Metropolis of Ana Poetry" is vast, dangerous, damn classy, and smart. The voice in the poems possesses you. It's Jone of Arc in our midst, having a glass of Johnny Walker Black and a cigarette.

So, I assure you, this post is only
half bragging about my part in the creation of RISE IN THE FALL.  But to able to collaborate with someone, I feel I need to love the work. And not just that: the work has to allow me in--in that certain, nebulous way that things speak to the muse. Communicating visually with someone's text is an enormous challenge. It takes the right kind of souls. Go to the Birds website and look at samples of inside the book. And order your copies now!!

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