Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Art Stuff For Sale!

Check out the store for some last min gift ideas. Super limited edition prints with huge postcards from forthcoming books, and an original painting in a frame (below).

Free Shipping! It's all HERE.

Friday, December 7, 2012

New Great Books from O'Clock Press

I'm honored to have illustrated the cover and interior of Polly Bresnick's beautiful book, Mirror Poems from O'Clock Press. They just do astoundingly stuff over there.



84 pages
9" x 8.5"

Limited numbered edition of 75

Illustrations by Bianca Stone

Cover design and letterpress
in collaboration with Elementary Press
Hadley, MA
English to English Antonym translations
of Spanish to English translations
of the late Argentine poet
Patricia Serra Delmar

Also from O'Clock is Sampson Starkweather's (editor at Birds LLCLike Clouds Never Render. It's really one of my favorite collections of poetry out right now. 


From the Website:

Like Clouds Never Render
Sampson Starkweather


36 pages
9" x 7"

Limited numbered edition of 75

Cover design and letterpress
in collaboration with Elementary Press
Hadley, MA


From Dear World Never Render:

no one owns water to act to come to

be more than oneself is to be being

snow is music trouble a living verb

it is actually pragmatic to kiss dirt

mapping the known ways of letting go

an agency round and blue and turning

a record of this streaming silence with-

out end bury us in anything but earth

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nashville Review: a Peak at The Newest Poetry Comic

I'm honored to be on the cover of the newest issue of the online journal, Nashville Review. Also, they have featured selections from my forthcoming Poetry Comic from Factory Hollow Press, "Because You Love You Come Apart" in the journal. See it all HERE.

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