Monday, November 19, 2012

Get Antigonick for Christmas

Just came back from an incredible recitation of Antigonick, performed at the 92nd Street Y. Anne Carson's introduction in the form of a letter to Antigone blew my soul apart. It made me think about the book all over again. Thus, as we snake into the Holidays, I am writing a post about how you should get with it and buy Antigonick if you haven't already.

I sometimes get sweet, welcome compliments about the book, followed by "but I didn't buy it yet." Buy it! I think it's amazing to support New Directions and the authors. And this is not just any book, it's really insane. With vellum and red text and images that don't directly bop you on the head with meaning--(but hopefully with something emotive and meaningful)...And the main reason to buy this book is the Sophokles and Anne Carson text. It takes time to absorb it. You can't just glance through. Reading the play with the images, slowly, is the best way to experience it. And then try it out-loud.

And here on Amazon it's only 16.47

“It is indeed a big topic, the different angles that Sophokles and Euripides take on tragic projects, but in general I would say that Sophokles is deeply interested in language and Euripides is not. For Euripides language is a means to an end, the end being a spectacular speedy plot line and crashing confrontations. As a translator you cannot travel into the language of Euripides, and you can that of Sophokles. In Sophokles every word is a universe.”

— Anne Carson on Antigonick interviewed by Alex Dueben.


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