Monday, September 3, 2012


Two great interviews!

Poet, Ben Pease, interviews the poet and co-founder of Birds LLC, Sampson Starkweather, on Scattered Rhymes. It's so refreshing to hear this conversation. I highly recommend it.

What lies in the uncarved block of wood. Whorls and grains, stories and held smoke. Surrounded by. My block of wood, another person’s mountain. The sound of a finger pointing to some unseen thing. To be reckoned with, or perhaps, reckoned by. Something to draw a door in.

--Sampson Starkweather 
    from City of Moths

Listen HERE!

Sampson Starkweather & Ben Pease

The second is with Sommer Browning who does Poems and Comics and is an author at Birds LLC: HERE, being interviewed by the Weekly Reader on KMSU!

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