Friday, September 28, 2012

BEN PEASE: Chateau Wichman III

Here is the third installment of Ben Pease's incredible project animating his epic poem: "Chateau Wichman." It's a haunting, luscious undulation of vaguely familier shapes--from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Juliette Binoche blankly pouring coffee over her ice cream in Krzysztof Kieslowski's "Blue." There are moments that seem like imprints of ghosts, still fumbling; movements of light and shadow. (His process, I happen to know, is intricate: each frame of the video is individually altered.)

I'm realizing now how struck I am by the power of the almost abstract. It allows, seamlessly, for words to enter in. And what I love about Pease's videos so far, is that each one has a unique, tonal impact. Each video conveys complex messages, and echos of culture, all the while telling a story--one that is dead serious, and absurd all at the same time. It creates a wondrous effect, much like reading a book of poems. You and can go back to these videos again and again. And you should.

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