Thursday, August 30, 2012

Comics, Poetry, and Everything Fiery In-Between

Derik Badman's article on The Hooded Utilitarian is one of the many impassioned discussions online (and in dark bars) regarding poetry and the comic book form. His article is spurred partly from my interview on The Comics Journal, and Steven Surdiacourt’s “Graphic Poetry: An (im)possible form?” at Comics Forum. There's a lot Badman touches on, and a lot of comments and links to stimulate this growing need to define what the Poetry Comic (I'll just use that term for now, but even that's a massive element of the arguments) is. There's a lot to think about with this. I'm glad we're all on fire about it. 

Here's one of the images Badman uses in his article, From John Hankiewicz’s “Amateur Comics.” I'm loving it. 

Digital Poetry Comic Chapbook Available for Free!

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