Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Videos That Rock

1. Baby Cakes. Brad Neely makes amazing animation. I love his simple expressive artwork and his strange poignant prose. I don't exactly know how Neely makes his artwork, but it reminds me of making images in Click Art on our old Mac in the 90's. I loved making artwork on those old programs and wish so much they still had something like that...with "buttons" to go to the next "card" and stuff. I used to always make my own Choose Your Own Adventure comics...

2. I've loved Mark Leidner's poetry since I read his new book from Factory Hollow Press , and oogled over his beautiful collage. But his video of his poem "Pretty Girls" (read by a computer-voiced British woman, with fucking Chopin behind it,) takes it to a new level. Riding the line, pushing the blah-blah-blah, Leidner follows the honest, erotic heart to the precipice and leaps off without blinking.

3. I've been obsessed with Dara Wier's poetry lately, and was lucky enough to help (slightly) with this stop animation video with Emily Pettit and Heather Christal. Dara Wier's poems just bowl me over, (is bowl how you spell it?) and her imagination and solid, masterful use of language endlessly inspires me. I love love love her poems.

Dara Wier from jordan stempleman on Vimeo.

5. Simone Kearney is making some badass shit. Her videos are so subtly erotic, often focusing on one intimate area of the body they are quietly devastating but always laced with a dark, crafty humor. Clearly one of the old souls, Kearney uses minimalist footage and breathless beauty, creating a poetic surge of emotion, eroticism, and musicality.

6. Wanna impress your friends by knowing the lyrics to Azealia Banks'awesome song? Here it is:

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