Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Item: Well, I wrote some prose. A book review. And you can read it on The The. It's about a good chapbook. this is how my review will make you feel:

Item: The two new Monk Books Chapbooks are available online at I'm just so damned proud to put out books of good poetry. Ben Pease and Bernadette Mayer, and Mark Strand. Three kick-ass poets who I would totally be stuck on a desert island with. The books are going to be worth millions one day, and be listed on the back of the New York Times Book Review at the rare book auctions right beside Beatrix Potter.

*Joe Weil, Ben Pease, Simone Kearney with Wichman Cometh 

Top: Ben Fama, Levi Rubeck, Bianca Stone, Alina Gregorian, Ben Pease reading at Dixon Place

Below: Bernadette Mayer reaches for cane while preparing to stun crowd with her poems from The Formal Field of Kissing. 

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