Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dearest 43 Followers,

I'm pleased to announce that a brand new Poetry Comics website has been erected in the ether, and I hope to lead all 43 of you into it. I feel almost ashamed to announce this here....This blogspot is like a railroad apartment in Bushwick: long and narrow and dark in the middle, five flights up--but once decorated with love and personal joie de vivre, it's a real home to be proud of. So it's with a bit of a heavy heart that I announce to there is now a massive studio space with French windows and free Bellini's on the veranda that will also be showcasing this hybrid blog. And it's called

However, being the nostalgic hoarder that I am, I will be doing my posts on each blog for a while. Plus, the new site is still being touched up, so it's not entirely done. ANYWAY, if you haven't already, please take a look and comment and spread the word.

To reminisce for a moment...I started this blog about four (five?) years ago when I first moved to NYC to attend NYU's MFA program in creative writing. I called the blog WHO IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE because there was a time when people would say that a lot when they looked at what I was drawing. It annoyed the hell out of me. This was all before I was really thinking about my poetry and art coming together to create the monster it is now. I would go on here and bitch about people accosting me in parks about smoking or whatever--(so much has happened in the past few years it really astounds me). I hope that Poetry Comics continues to evolve and grow and incite ideas in the readers that come here. I want to keep exploring different ways in which poetry and art can push against their own conventions and forms, to collaborate, and keep an eye always on the cultural climate we stroll through with our $5 umbrellas and rubber boots.

So thank you so so much for following this blog, and I look forward to the future together.

<3 Bianca

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