Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Good Week For Poetry

Thursday, 30th, 7pm

Friday, 1st 8pm
Outpost 1014 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY

Bianca Stone
William Hood
Dan Nohejl
Andrew Gorin

Saturday, Oct 2nd 7pm
304 Ainslie St.
Brooklyn, NY

The Madeleine Poems Book Launch
by the amazing Paul Legault!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Football Season

Certain American customs have been known to enthrall me. I love the absurdity of graduations, the strangeness of birthday cakes, and of course, the overblown custom of weddings. I find great pleasure in BBQs with small piles of sliced white onions and sweating primary-color bottles of condiments. And the past year it's been football.

Football comes with fall, my favorite season. And with football comes drinking beer with Ben in a dark bar in Brooklyn filled with Redskin fans and free hot dogs and burgers in the back lot, getting a mini lesson on tactics and sport history. I am the last person to be an expert on the game, (viz. me constantly asking "what just happened") but I find it thrilling to watch and learn about. There's truely something amazing about the physiques--superhuman. Complete with masks and spandex.

Here's a kinda cool link to a billion football terms like Eligible Receiver, and Holding, or Hot Dog (A player who shows off by displaying flamboyant antics instead of going about his duties in a buisnesslike fashion).

With a line from my poem "Even Moon" published in Conduit this past year, here is the first drawing of the season. The kick-off, if you will. (It was a big drawing so a lot got cut off and the scan kinda sucks.) 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, happily I announce that my first official poetry chapbook Someone Else's Wedding Vows is coming out October 1st from Argos Books. You can even pre-order it!

(cover design by Levi Rubeck/////art by me)


S U P E R M A C H I N E Oct. 1st

Crowd Reading Series Oct 2nd 

The Essential Ruth Stone: Out Now!!!

I'm filled with all the feelings, my grandmother, my mentor--I am so honored to have had the chance to edit this book, to go deep into e...