Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't Miss This Poetry Reading/Recitation/by Ben Pease

Chateau Wichman
by Ben Pease


a recitation 
July 20th, 8pm
Legion Bar

The first half of Ben Pease's long poem, "Chateau Wichman" (pronounced Witch-man) will be performed live at Legion Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I'm not exaggerating when I say it's really an amazing piece. A"Lyrically-charged "Blockbuster in Verse" that centers around the escapades of The Wichman, a lazily tragic man transformed into a mythological celebrity by a mysterious group known only as the sage editors." Below is one of the many images from "Chateau Wichman."


Christina Roussos, who brought Gertrude Stein's "Mexico. A Play" to the stage last year, will be doing the same for The Wichman. The first half of the piece will be performed as part of Toy Box Theatre's Pub Theatre program this coming Tuesday at Legion Bar in Williamsburg.
Space is limited so please arrive before 8.

***image by Ben Pease***

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