Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HTML Ingredients for Pan Cake

Computer cake in traditional baking pan. 
Every time I made cakes as a kid it would be in a pan like this, and was inevitably disappointing. Not only that, but before I learned really about baking I wouldn't read the instructions in The Joy of Cooking. I would just read down the list of ingredients and throw them all in. So the cake usually had a thick skin that you had to kind of rip at with a knife and fork, the inside sugary doughy rubber. In a rush to cover it all up I would ice it before it was ready, which made the icing melt and look thin, like the cake was sweating.
Once I made a corn bread that was inedible and pale white. Maybe I used cornstarch instead of cornmeal....or baking powder instead of soda.
On another note, it just took me half an hour to try and spell ingredients...

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