Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ten Awesome Things

1. I was at a comics panal at Union Pool recently, with three great young untradtional artist, and I had the great pleasure of meeting Lisa Hanawalt. Her comics are great, and she too loves to make lists.

2. Alina's blog. She always adds little abstract art with her posts, which are meditative and striking. Not to mention the poetry....

3. Uncommon nouns for bird groups: very cool for poems.
(thanks Ben!)

4. Ben Pease's kick-ass Paintjob Cutups! (This is one below, called I'm Perfect the Way I Am)

5. This ending of the John Ashbery poem Your Name Here:

Things got real quiet in the oubliette.
I was still reading Jean-Christophe. I'll never finish the darn thing.
Now is the time for you to go out into the light
and congradulate whoever is left in our city. People who survived
the eclipse. But I was totally taken with you, always have been.
Light a candle in my wreath, I'll be yours forever and will kiss you.

6. Christian Hawkey's book Citizen Of

7.  This website devoted to Captain Haddock's (the raging drunk from Tintin) Curses and Exclamations.

8. Octopus Books

9. Cake
10. STEVEN GAMMELL. One of the most amazing artists of our time. You might remember his artwork from those infamous "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" books. Totally creepy pictures!

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