Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Lucian Freud is Amazing + My Weird Freudian/Heidegger Drawing

No doubt it's cool to like Lucian Freud. And no doubt the novelty of his birthright is another reason to give pause. But the truth is, his artwork is outstanding. Look at some paintings here. But really take a look at his etchings here.

This drawing has nothing at all to do with Lucian Freud, but some to do with Sigmund Freud, and a dash of a (paradoxical) Heidegger quote, which I put in because I wanted to give this drawing to a philosopher friend....This drawing is really actually inspired by a Ralph Steadman drawing of Freud's first interaction with Michelangelo's Moses, whom he strongly identified with and is not yet done.

Let us say that this might be my own identification of an identification, glimpsing the promise land of poetry from afar, with philosophy mumbling in my ear, moving always on a dark cloud....
Don't psychoanalyze that.

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