Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Animatronic Singing Fish (Activated)

I was working on this poem for a comic. It's called The Animatronic Singing Fish. I don't remember why the singing fish came up. I've never even owned one, though I've been in many a house that has one on the wall. They're common in Vermont. But this is the first part of it. The moon is in the window, and the body is a morph of skin and bones. I like the flower wall paper I inadvertently disigned and wish I really had. They're dripping down the wall.

I used a crayon.

I read this poem at a reading and left out this part (shown here).
It made me feel like a needle was dropped on a record without letting it play a moment of static. Which I hate missing.

It's going back in for the final.
I was, again, dissatisfied with the end drawings I did.

I think most of our failures out due to laziness.

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